Awards & Recognitions - Madison School District

Awards & Recognitions

2017 – Rodel Exemplary Principal

  • Hilary O’Brien, Madison Camelview

2016 – STEM Community of Practice Student Representative

  • Janeth Morales, Madison Park
  • Alan Canales, Madison Park

2016 – Greater Phoenix Honor Band

  • Yamilet Morales, Madison Park

2016 – ADL Courage Essay

  • 1st Place Winner: Janie Christensen, Madison Meadows
  • 2nd Place Winner: Morgan Goettl, Madison Meadows

2016 – Young American Poetry Digest

  • Tomas Grajales, Madison Traditional Academy

2016 – PBIS Award Winners

  • Silver Award: Madison Camelview, Madison Simis
  • Bronze Award: Madison Park, Madison Heights, Madison Rose Lane
  • Merit Award: Madison No. 1, Madison Traditional Academy, Madison Meadows

2016 – Richard Whitney Music Scholarship

  • J.C.Medina – flute
  • Morgan Goettl – flute
  • Jackie Hogan – clarinet
  • Clara Horner – violin

2016 – Judges Award at the First Lego League Competition

  • Madison Simis Robotics Team coached by Sarah McWilliams

2016 – Odyssey of the Mind World Finalists

  • Simis 4th grade coached by Carson Bilger –1st place at Regional
  • Simis 3rd grade coached by Julie Morrison –2nd place at Regional
  • Meadows 6th grade/7th grade coached by Elizabeth Cohen –2nd place at Regional

2016 – Community Education Program Leader of the Year, Arizona Community Education Association

  • Alex Pierson, Madison Heights

2016 – Community Education Administrator of the Year, Arizona Community Education Association

  • Diane Selby, Director for Community Education

2016 – Victor L. Boels Nursing Scholarship and Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society

  • Angela Robson, Madison Heights

2016 – University of Phoenix Fellowship Scholarship

  • Kelley Perry, Madison Heights

2016 – University of Phoenix Fellowship Scholarship

  • Ashley Bohlman, Madison Rose Lane

2015 – Valley Metro Cool Stuff Art Contest

  • Elizabeth Blair, Madison Simis

2015 – Xavier College Preparatory Golden Gator Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Christina Lee, Madison Traditional Academy

2015 – Xavier College Preparatory Golden Gator Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • John Sendra, Madison No. 1

2015 – National Blue Ribbon Award

  • Madison Meadows Middle School

2015 – Rodel Exemplary Teacher Finalist

  • Jeannie Swanson, Madison Camelview

2015 – 2015 AZ ELL Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist

  • Melissa Brammer, Madison Camelview

2015 – IB Primary Years Programme Teacher of the Year

  • Carson Bilger, Madison Simis

2015 – Rodel Aspiring Principal

  • Maggie Rodriguez, Madison Park

2014 – Rodel Exemplary Principal Semi-Finalist

  • Peter Morkert, Principal Rose Lane

2014 – Art Advocate Award presented by the Arizona Art Education Association (AAEA)

  • Pam Warren, Principal Madison No. 1

2014 – Recognition by the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA) for outstanding volunteer work and service

  • Joshua Block, Madison Simis Music Teacher

2014 – ASBAIT – Wellness Coordinator Award for Outstanding Performance

  • Lilly Lopez, Benefits/Payroll Technician

2014 – Madison Simis approved as an International Baccalaureate Program, Primary Years Program, School

2014 – Spelling Bee

  • Anjali Moore, Progressed to Sate Finals, Madison Meadows 8th Grade Studnet
  • Norbu Shastri, Progressed to Regional Competition, Madison Heights 4th Grade Student

2014 – Anti-Defamation League Essay Competition

  • Anjali Moore, 2nd Place Winner, Madison Meadows 8th Grade Student
  • Becca Web, 3rd Place Winner, Madison No. 1 8th Grade Student

2014 – Braille Challenge Award

  • Danna Rivera, Madison No. 1 6th Grade Student
  • Elijah Moore, Madison No. 1 5th Grade Student

2014 – ASPRA Awards

  • Scott Holcomb, Board Member Giving Back to the Community in Education
  • Rodney and Sasha Glassman
  • Jay Mann and Jacqueline Gouin, Madison Scene publication
  • Rob McBride, Excellence in Communicating the District’s Message in Videos

2014 – AdvancED International Accreditation Renewal

2014 – PBISAz Achievement Awards

  • Madison Simis, Bronze award
  • Madison Park, Merit award
  • Madison Heights, Merit award
  • Madison Camelview, Merit award

2014 – Arizona School Boards Association’s Jack Peterson Student Photography Contest, First Place

  • Spencer Scher, Madison Meadows 8th Grade Student

2014 – Arizona State Fair, First Place for Mixed Media Sculpture

  • Mallory Buisker, Madison Meadows 6th Grade Student

2014 – Future Leaders in Education, National Education Association

  • Lindsay Farr, Madison Park teacher
  • Amy Ball, Madison Simis teacher

2013 – Arizona Superintendent of the Year

  • Dr. Tim Ham

2013 – Rodel Exemplary Teacher Finalist

  • Mary Proctor, Special Education teacher at Madison Park

2013 – Teacher of the Week, KNIX Radio

  • Jessica Huyck, Rose Lane teacher

2013 – ELL Student Success Story award from OELAS

  • Metasebia Bates, Meadows 7th Grade Student
  • Dulce Figueroa Arellano, Rose Lane 2nd Grade Student

2013 – ASBAIT Wellness Coordinator Award for the category “Vivacious Vocalist.”

  • Lilly Lopez, Benefits/Payroll Technician

2013 – Teachers as Writers contest from the Arizona English Teachers’ Association, First Place

  • Renee Poginy

2012 – Arizona Technology in Education Association Support Person of the Year

  • Steve Kenney

2012  Noetic Learning Math Contest, Perfect Score

  • Ben Travis, 3rd Grade Madison Camelview
  • Henry Palmer, 3rd Grade Madison Camelview

2012 – Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind’s Braille Challenge, 1st Place

  • Danna Rivera, Madison Rose Lane

2011 – ADE English Language Learner Teacher of the Year

  • Jennifer Glueck, Madison Camelview

2011 – School Nutrition Association of Arizona School Nutrition Director of the Year Award

  • Kristin Soulsby, Director of Food Services

2011 Arizona High School Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Dave Vibber, Meadows Athletic Director

2011 – Arizona Daughters of the American Revolution Outstanding Special Education Teacher Award

  • Jo Bever, Madison Park Teacher

2011 – School Nutrition Association Heart of the Program Award, Southwest Regional Winner

  • Linda Goodin, Madison Meadows Cafeteria Cashier

2011 – National Junior Honor Society Outstanding Service Project of the Year

  • Madison Park NJHS

2010 – National School Boards Association Magna Award

  • Madison’s Instructional Technology Professional Development Program

2010 – Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

  • Jessica Boland, Madison Rose Lane Teacher

2010 – Arizona School Boards Association All-Arizona School Board Award

  • Scott Holcomb, Board Member